Grooming Tips for Your New Puppy

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If you have a new puppy that needs grooming, it’s important to bring them to a professional groomer such as SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique as early as possible to help them get used to these important and regular visits.

There are several things you can do at home to help your puppy prepare for his first visit with a groomer. Play with the paws, tail, and ears and around the face.  By doing this, the puppy gets used to those areas being touched. Try to grab the nails and play with them. Doing this will help when it comes to cutting the nails. Start using a brush on your puppy as soon as possible. A slicker brush is recommended over a comb since combs can still leave knots in the coat. Avoid spraying water as a discipline method since this can lead to a fear of water.

At SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique, we often just bathe, brush and tidy up your dog if it’s his first grooming appointment. We want to make sure your dog has a positive experience so the first visit might just include clearing his face so he can see, bathing and brushing, clipping nails, and plucking and cleaning the ears. This way your puppy gets used to all the noises and feeling of the clippers.

If you wait too long to bring in your puppy for its first grooming session sometimes its fur will be very long or matted and dematting (brushing matts out of a dog’s coat) for the first time isn’t a good experience.

Bringing the puppy’s favourite treat or toys can help him feel right at home.

You can bring in your puppy for its first groom after he’s had all his vaccines, usually around four to five months of age, and then visit regularly so matting can be avoided. As well, the more times you bring the puppy in to SPAWS to be groomed, the faster he will get to know the groomer.

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