How often should you have your dog’s nails cut?

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SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique in Milton, Ontario, has a team of professional dog groomers who also offer dog training services and pride themselves on providing a friendly environment where you and your pet can feel comfortable.

Proper grooming is important for your dog’s health and comfort. However, your dog’s nails are a little different from ours. They have a vein inside called the “quick,” and the longer you leave their nails without trimming, the longer the quick will grow. This means that if they are left too long, when they have their nails cut it will be only to the quick, which could be very long. If you keep the nails short, then you don’t give the quick a chance to grow too much and the nails can be kept shorter.  

The average time to get them done is every four to six weeks, but it all depends how fast your dog’s nails grow. The groomers at SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique suggest marking on the calendar when you get your dog’s nails cut, and when you notice that their nails are clicking on the floor, mark it down — this is when you should get them cut again. When you take your dog for walks, the nails will naturally wear down a little. The exception is the dew claw, which grows on the inner side of the paw. Because it doesn’t touch the ground, it will need to be trimmed regularly.

Many dogs do not like having their nails trimmed; that is why it is a good idea to play with their nails and paws often and praise them. This will get your dog used to someone touching their paws and make nail trimming a more pleasant experience for everyone.

SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique offers full professional grooming services, including bathing, clipping, nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking, flea baths, dematting and nail polishing. They use natural shampoos and conditioners, and offer pickup and drop-off services.

SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique is located at 353 Main Street East in Milton. Give them a call at 905-864-6360 or visit their website. Open Tuesday to Saturday by appointment only.

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