When to bring your new puppy in for its first grooming

Golden Retriever Puppy

SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique in Milton, Ontario, has a team of professional dog groomers who are familiar with all dog breeds and behaviours and pride themselves on providing a friendly environment where you and your dog can feel comfortable.

Your puppy’s first grooming is much like your child’s first haircut. It can be an overwhelming experience, so it is a good idea to get your puppy familiar with being touched as soon as possible. Play with their tail, ears and around the face. Pick up their feet, and gently play with their paws. Try to grab the nails, as this will get them used to it when it comes time for them to be cut. The more your puppy is familiar with being touched, the easier the first grooming will go. Start gently brushing them immediately, and never squirt them with water, as it can frighten your puppy, and make them scared of water when it comes time to give them a bath.

SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique suggests bringing in your puppy as soon as they have had all of their vaccines, which is usually when they are about four to five months old. Sometimes the first grooming will be just a bath and brush to tidy them up so they can get used to the noise of the clippers and being brushed. If you wait too long for the initial grooming, the hair can be very matted, making it an unpleasant experience. Bringing along a favourite toy or treat can help your puppy feel at home.

SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique offers full professional grooming services, including bathing, clipping, nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking, flea baths, dematting and nail polishing. They use natural shampoos and conditioners, and offer pickup and drop-off services.

SPAWS Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique is located at 353 Main Street East in Milton. Give them a call at 905-864-6360 or visit their website. Open Tuesday to Saturday by appointment only.

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